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Sarah Benor

Jul 13, 2022, 2:12:29 PM7/13/22
to JEWISH LANGUAGES, @studentAsim
Dear Jewish language experts,
An artist from Canada is working on an impressive project that involves the word "Read" in many languages:

Asim Read art.JPG

He wants to include as many Jewish languages as he can. That's where he needs our help. He has created a google sheet with "read" in several languages and would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to correct any errors you see and add lines for additional languages. See info about his project below, and feel free to reach out to him if you have questions.

Sarah Bunin Benor

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From: @studentAsim <>
Date: Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 10:06 AM
Subject: Art work shows Jewish history through language symbols
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Dear Ms. Benor,

I hope this note finds you well. Asim Hussain here (AKA @studentAsim). I’m a Canadian artist. I came across your website about Jewish languages and thought you may be interested in learning about an art project I’ve worked on for the last decade that shows the world through symbols.

As part of that project, I’ve shown the Islamic world and Jewish diaspora through language symbols. E.g. Arabic and Judaeo-Arabic. The symbols are gateways into histories/stories and so much more of their own.

One area of improvement I am working on currently is verification of Hebrew transliteration to represent Jewish communities in the best and most accurate ways. E.g. Iqra in Arabic could be transliterated with Hebrew letters as יקרה. As such, I have a fair amount of Hebrew I’m trying to verify (under 30 languages). I feel there is good room for improvement. I am also trying to follow any language rules of the local Hebrew of a particular region (through research) if any language rules apply.

I hope this sounds like something you want to learn more about and can help guide me with transliterations. Accuracy means everything to me, and I want to represent the Jewish community in the best way. Please reach back to learn more and I can share more info with you. It would be good to set up a zoom call and I can show you this fascinating project.

Essentially my research on Jewish communities makes it "social" and not just for academics or enthusiasts. It's a different dimension! My research is symbolic of the contributions of Judaism, Jewish communities the world over, shown through the various Judaeo languages historically and in current use. 

I look forward to your reply.

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