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Margaret Winters

Apr 7, 2021, 3:20:20 PMApr 7
Dear Jewish Languages Group,

A friend who studies brand names in German asks the following:  In 1914, the name Pesachtomor was registered by the German office for patents and brands most probably for a dairy product. Might this name be yiddish, referring perhaps to some specialty served on Passover (German Pessach or Pesach)? I found an advertisement for Pesachtomor in a magazine of the Jewish community of the time, but unfortunately it tells only where you can buy Pesachtomor, but not what it is. If you know the word tomor, how do you pronounce it: ['tomor] or [to'mor], with the [o]-vowels open or closed?

I do not know the word tomor and cannot find it, with or without an association with Pesach in the Yiddish dictionaries I consulted, that is, Weinreich, Niborsky, Schaechter-Visvanath and Glasser.  Can anyone help?

a sheynem dank, thank you in advance,
Margaret Winters

Former Provost
Professor Emerita - French and Linguistics
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI  48202

Andrey Rozenberg

Apr 7, 2021, 3:53:14 PMApr 7
Not sure what the product itself might have been, but the most obvious interpretation of "tomor" would be the Ashkenazic version of תמר, "date (fruit)" or "date palm".
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Andrey Rozenberg

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
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Haifa 3200003, Israel
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