Zoom lecture: "Ivri Script: Back to the Basics"

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Dec 20, 2022, 1:43:53 PM12/20/22
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The Sofrim Group is pleased to issue an open invitation for a Zoom lecture by A. S. Adler on the topic of Paleo-Hebrew (Ivri Script) to take place on Thursday December 22 at 9:30pm (Jerusalem time)
11:30am (Los Angeles)
2:30pm (New York)
7:30pm (London)
To join the Zoom Meeting, click (no need to register):
"Ivri Script: Back to the Basics"
A talk about the Paleo-Hebrew Script (Ktav Ivri) that explores where, when, why, and how the oldest Alphabet was invented. Adler's research focuses on the order of letters in that Alphabet and the meaning of the pictorial representations used for each letter. In doing so, Adler takes us back to the times of Abraham, the tides of Ur, and the moon-god priests of Harran. The presenter bases his talk on detailed original research -- with lots of great questions -- and some very good answers.
About the presenter:
Avraham Shlemeh Adler is an independent researcher, scholar and inventor. He is a Jerusalem-based polymath who studies at the National Library of Israel. He also loosely affiliates with Yeshivat Brisk and Yeshivat Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem.
As an autodidact, Mr. Adler has written on widely diverse topics, like the history of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, ways to decrease myopia in college students, government transportation policy, metallic alloys in the Bible, and more. He also invented The Personal Reader, a wearable virtual image projection display that increases the possibilities for reading in terms of time, place, and content, plus allows for reading to be easier on the eye.
He has recently turned his attention to the ancient Paleo-Hebrew Script (Ktav Ivri) and has made fascinating discoveries, which he hopes to present in person for the first time in this lecture. He is currently preparing a book devoted to this topic, and early drafts of that composition are available to the public.
Mr. Adler can be reached via email to: avsh...@yahoo.com
About the hosts:
This lecture is hosted by the Sofrim Group headed by Binyomin Weisz and Reuven Chaim Klein <sofrimli...@googlegroups.com>.

Shalom & Kol Tuv

Reuven Chaim Klein

Beitar Illit, Israel

Author of: God versus Gods Lashon HaKodesh

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