Any volunteers to help with plugin site?

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Gavin Mogan

Feb 9, 2020, 2:11:07 AM2/9/20
to Jenkins User Experience,
Hey everyone,

I don't know if you saw the recent emails on the dev list about the improvements made to the plugin site. Its way easier to run locally than it was previously. And removed a lot of the old global state, so its easier to make smaller components.

But while the tech is upgraded, and continues to be, the user experience still needs a lot of work.

For example, the wiki has this nice bar when there are security issues


While in the plugin site, its hidden off to the bottom right sidebar. I've been working with the site for months now, and I didn't know it was there (though I inherited and didn't create it).
Then for major security issues, for example,  there's a little warning icon, which isn't clear you need to click, to see the modal with the alerts.

so UX people. Is anyone interested in helping out with these issues, and any other issues on the plugin site?


Tim Jacomb

Feb 9, 2020, 3:26:12 AM2/9/20
to Gavin Mogan, Jenkins User Experience,
That’s for previous security issues, not as important imo, New users will get the fixed version, and Jenkins will warn existing users through admin monitors I believe

I don’t like the warning for current security warnings method though it’s just a warning icon with no text to convey the issue, very easy to miss, and probably only regular users understand what it means


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