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Stanimir Stamenkov

Mar 9, 2013, 3:30:30 PM3/9/13
Starting with version 1.6 of the FitNesse plugin [1], it includes
the output HTML in the results, providing additional details of what
exactly went wrong, or just what went in there. While this is a
nice feature, it seems all of the FitNesse XML output, with all the
test pages content added, gets included in the Jenkins' build result
summary (build.xml) [2].

This is problematic as the FitNesse result XML for one of my jobs is
~15 MB, and the build.xml for every Jenkins build ends up over 20
MB. The disk space is not a concern but I've noticed keeping the
results for a bit over 20 builds for one (actually for few more) of
these jobs makes the view which displays them, very slow to open.

I've experimented the slow down disappears if I remove the "Last
Success", "Last Failure" and "Last Duration" columns from the view,
so I guess Jenkins is trying to scan through (or even load in
memory) all the big "build.xml" files just to extract the given
information. It would be nice if the FitNesse plugin could keep the
HTML content details outside of "build.xml" to avoid such
performance problems. Have you encountered such an issue with the
FitNesse plugin?



Antoine Aumjaud

Aug 28, 2014, 3:01:07 AM8/28/14
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