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Apr 5, 2012, 10:00:16 AM4/5/12
to Jenkins Users
We've recently added nodes to a jenkins 1.455 box, and have the jdks
set to auto-install from oracle. When the task executes on the slave,
we get these errors:

Downloading JDK from
Downloading 5307bytes
Installing /home/exodus/jenkins/tools/jdk1.6_30/
[jdk1.6_30] $ /home/exodus/jenkins/tools/jdk1.6_30/ -noregister
/home/exodus/jenkins/tools/jdk1.6_30/ line 1: html: No such
file or directory
/home/exodus/jenkins/tools/jdk1.6_30/ line 2: head: No such
file or directory

When I look at the file, It is an html page from oracle warning
that the terms of use needs to be accepted before downloading (we've
checked this box on the jenkins page). For now, I'm working on
manually downloading the bin files to get around this. Is this
something others have seen? Did something change recently with the way
Oracle wants the terms accepted that broke Jenkins? Or am I missing
some config somewhere?

Gábor Garami

Apr 5, 2012, 4:03:03 PM4/5/12
The URL is bad.

The URL is needed to looks like:

In the mentioned case:

The mistake: otn-pub instead of otn.

You should file an issue.

Garami Gábor
Tel: +36 20 235 9621
Skype: hron84
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