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Mark Waite

Jul 11, 2022, 5:56:50 PMJul 11
to Jenkins Developers
The Jenkins governance board has confirmed that the embeddable build status plugin is currently including a proprietary font in its distribution.  That is contrary to the Jenkins project license requirements.  The license requirements state:

> All plugins distributed by the Jenkins project need to be free and open source software. This applies to the plugin source code as well as all its dependencies.

The board has agreed that if we do not receive a plugin adoption request by the end of the day July 25, 2022, the plugin will be suspended from distribution.

Pull requests have been opened on the plugin to:
A description of the technique needed to remove the proprietary dependency has been provided by Basil Crow in an issue report comment.

If you're willing to adopt the plugin, please follow the "Adopt a plugin" instructions.

Mark Waite

Mark Waite

Jul 14, 2022, 6:16:05 PMJul 14
to Jenkins Developers
Darin Pope and I have adopted the plugin, applied the change that was suggested by Basil Crow and released a new version of the plugin.

The plugin is now configured for automated release. 
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