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Tony Chia

Apr 19, 2022, 8:43:15 PM4/19/22
to jenkins-job-builder
My jenkins job uses the Post Build script plugin.

When I used a  yaml file like this, the job was created with Execute scripts

    - postbuildscript:
            - role: MASTER
              execute-on: matrix
                  - SUCCESS
                  - UNSTABLE
                  - ABORTED
                  - FAILURE
                - shell: |
                    #!/bin/bash -e

When I run the job, i got the following error messages

core_smoke_test_develop » unit-test-slave,./spec-core/address/active/seo/address_seo_individual_directional_property_spec.rb completed with result SUCCESS
[PostBuildScript] - [WARN] This multi-configuration project post-build action was migrated from a plugin version prior to 1.0.0 as an 'Execute scripts' post-build action,
because is not possible to automatically migrate a post-build action to another kind of post-build action.
To remove the mandatory dependency between post-build script plugin and the matrix plugin,
there is an extra post-build action called 'Execute Scripts on Matrix'.
Please add all post-build scripts of this matrix project separately as a post-build action 'Execute Scripts on Matrix' and remove all 'Execute Scripts' entries.

When I go to the job configuration and replace it with "Execute Scripts on Matrix" like the message suggests, then the next time the yaml file is updated, the jenkins job reverts back to "Execute scripts" and I got the error message again

I looked through the Publisher section and I don't see another postbuildscript for Matrix that I can use. 

I am currently using Jenkins Job Builder version: 3.11.0. 
Is the post-build action "Execute scripts on Matrix" supported by JJB? 

Tony Chia

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