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Sep 14, 2021, 8:31:35 PM9/14/21
to jenkins-job-builder
I am trying to use the Warnings Next Generation plugin to the latest version of Jenkins (v2.303.x) with JJB.  The job is created, but the job doesn't show the warnings plugin when I configure it.  

The job xml shows it is there, but the xml differs from what I see if I create a job manually.

My JJB has this
      - warnings:
            - file-pattern: '**/spotbugs/**/*.xml'
              scanner: 'SpotBugs'
JJB creates this in the config.xml:
    <hudson.plugins.warnings.WarningsPublisher plugin="warnings">

The UI creates this in the config.xml
    <io.jenkins.plugins.analysis.core.steps.IssuesRecorder plugin="warni...@9.4.0">

Is this a bug?

Thanh Ha

Sep 14, 2021, 8:40:28 PM9/14/21
to CurtF, jenkins-job-builder
Hi Curt,

Likely not a bug but occasionally upstream plugin developers like to change their XML outputs in their plugins for one reason or another. Obviously that breaks JJB and seems to be the case here. The solution here would be to patch JJB to account for the new XML standard for this plugin.

We would want to try to figure out which version specifically introduced the change in XML output and adjust the JJB code to set the XML appropriately depending on the plugin version so that folks using older versions of the warnings-ng plugin don't break either.

Patches welcome :)



Sep 14, 2021, 8:48:09 PM9/14/21
to jenkins-job-builder
Thanks for the fast response.  On another subject, do you know if the latest version of JJB is compatible with this change.  It appears some plugins broke with this change.

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Thanh Ha

Sep 14, 2021, 10:29:38 PM9/14/21
to CurtF, jenkins-job-builder
As far as I can tell it looks like this change is related to plugins input configuration through the WebUI and doesn't appear to be related to the final XML configuration which JJB produces. JJB should be unaffected by this change since we only generate the final config XML and do not deal with web forms for input.

I could be wrong but your best bet is to try to deploy some jobs with JJB and see if it configures the plugins you need appropriately.

Hope this helps,

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