2020/11/09 - 2 PM UTC - issues.jenkins-ci.org - Maintenance Window

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Nov 6, 2020, 5:07:49 AM11/6/20
to Jenkins Developers ML, Jenkins Infrastructure

Hi Everybody,

I am excited to announce that after a week of testing, we are ready to migrate our ticket service, issues.jenkins-ci.org, to the Linux Foundation by next Monday, the 9th of November 2020. The maintenance window will start at 2 PM UTC and we expect it to last for 3hours.

We’ll do the following actions during the maintenance window:

  1. We'll stop the Apache service so we are sure that nobody updates issues.jenkins-ci.org contents on the old machine.

  2. We'll back up the service.

  3. We’ll restore the backup on the Linux foundation machine.

  4. We’ll update the DNS record to redirect traffic to the Linux Foundation machine.

  5. I’ll drink a glass of hops juice to celebrate when everything is done.

Remark: Like it should have been since a while, the new official URL will be issues.jenkins.io instead of issues.jenkins-ci.org, and the later one will become a redirect.

If everything goes well, next Monday at 5 PM UTC, the Jenkins project will be offloaded for one of his major websites which have been around since the 17th of February 2011, according to our sponsored Atlassian license.

This service is being used to track issues or ongoing work related to the Jenkins project

It’s a critical service for the project and represents several hundreds of Gigabytes of traffic per month. But at the same time, the Jenkins project keeps growing month after month and it has become difficult to find the time needed to correctly maintain this service at the scale the Jenkins project is running. The Linux foundation offered to maintain it and we took this opportunity so we could focus on other areas.

I already want to thank the Linux foundation for taking ownership of this service but also the OSUOSL organization that provided the machine and the managed database for running this service at scale for that long and of course I can't forget all the people who helped maintain this service.

Thanks to Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Tyler Croy, Tim Jacomb, Mark Waite, Arnaud Heritier, Andrew Bayer, Daniel Beck, Oleg Nenashev, and my rubber duck.



Mark Waite

Nov 9, 2020, 9:04:06 AM11/9/20
to Jenkins Infrastructure
As previously announced, Jenkins Jira Apache server is now offline for scheduled maintenance.

Olivier Vernin

Nov 9, 2020, 12:17:26 PM11/9/20
to Jenkins Infrastructure
Quick update, unfortunately the upgrade still ongoing, we are having issues to restore the latest backup done today.
At the moment we can't tell how long it will take.

Olivier Vernin

Nov 9, 2020, 1:44:15 PM11/9/20
to Jenkins Infrastructure
Hi Everybody,

I am happy to report the Jira maintenance is almost finished, because of some black magic in action, it was harder than expected but Anton Baranov did it \o/
For some reason, we had to reimport the backup we did in October that we use to test the upgrade procedure, then import the latest backup we did today, and finally, we upgraded from Jira 7 to Jira 8.

The new official endpoint is 'https://issues.jenkins.io' and 'https://issues.jenkins-ci.org' will very soon just be a permanent redirect like it should have been for a while.

They are still ongoing work to fix minor things. Anton and Mark are on it.


Oleg Nenashev

Nov 9, 2020, 2:30:08 PM11/9/20
to Jenkins Infrastructure
The new https://issues.jenkins.io/ setup looks great after clicking through dashboard/filters and so on.
Thanks for the migration to Olivier, Mark, LF Team, and all other involved contributors!

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Mark Waite

Nov 9, 2020, 2:49:14 PM11/9/20
to Jenkins Infrastructure
Thanks to Anton Baranov of the Linux Foundation IT team and to Andrew Grimberg for managing the project.

I'll be submitting one or more pull requests to the Jenkins infrastructure repositories to describe how we open a ticket with Linux Foundation in case of system related issues with our Jira server.

Mark Waite

Gavin Mogan

Nov 9, 2020, 6:20:56 PM11/9/20
to Jenkins Infrastructure
yay! this is amazing. So much faster now. So much less stress. Thanks to all of you

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