Installing under Cygwin/WinXP Generates posix-spawn Errors

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Daniel Black

Dec 6, 2011, 8:10:07 PM12/6/11
to jekyll.rb
Hi there,

I've been trying to get Jekyll working on a WinXP for the last few
days, and run up against a couple of errors. Chiefly, executing "gem
install jekyll" returns a page of "posix-spawn" errors (don't have the
verbatim, as I'm not on my work machine). I tracked this down to what
looks like a Ruby version issue, i.e., under Ruby 1.8.3 we use
Posix::Spawn but under 1.9.2 we use Posix.spawn. I'm not fluent in
this at all but that's the closest my google-fu could get to a cause.

Beyond this, psych requires libyaml, and even installing this from
source (since it's not in Cygwin's install directory) doesn't seem to
help. Eventually, assuming I get Jekyll installed, it'll be good to
have this installed.

I realize that this issue doesn't fit neatly in the Jekyll domain, nor
does it fit in Ruby, RubyGems, YAML, or Cygwin exclusively. If
anyone's run into these issues, or is familiar with them and
especially solutions, I'd be very appreciative of a pointer or two.



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