Converting Posts to LaTeX PDF?

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Feb 17, 2012, 11:28:52 AM2/17/12
to jekyll.rb
I would like to put up some articles I've written as posts on my
jekyll blog, and it would be awesome to have them automatically
converted to PDF through LaTeX, with a link given in the HTML. Since
kramdown supports output to LaTeX PDF, I don't see any reason that
this shouldn't be possible.

Would the correct approach here be to build a plugin that defines a
converter to PDF? It's not immediately obvious to me how I would then
integrate that plugin into the build process. Has anybody ever
thought about doing this before?

David Sanson

Mar 1, 2012, 11:22:36 PM3/1/12
I've thought about doing this with pandoc, but decided it wasn't worth the trouble. The few times I want PDF versions of things, I can just do it by hand.

I *think* you'd want to write a plugin for a new format, '.mdpdf' or something. Then have that plugin generate the html output in the normal way, and also generate the PDF on the side.

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