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Greg David

Dec 7, 2018, 2:11:00 PM12/7/18
to Sustain Jefferson (Wisconsin),
Is a link to a very interesting article about fevers, and how to treat them...or not treat them! As it turns out, fevers are a very important part of our immune response and should not be treated, unless it’s 104 degrees or over, or young children are involved.

So how’s this relate to sustainability? Well, sustaining ones health is important, and not injuring yourself by taking too many aspirin or NSAIDs is part of the life sustaining solution.

This is a great article that explains in detail the reasons we develop fevers and the harm unnecessary drugs do to you.


  • A remarkable 50 million were thought to have died as a result of the influenza epidemic of 1918, 100 years ago, but there is now a better explanation for why so many people died
  • Aspirin went off patent in 1917, allowing it to be available at cheap prices, and because its former patent owner, Bayer, had worldwide distribution of it, aspirin was available easily and cheaply
  • Medical associations and governments encouraged people to take aspirin or other fever-suppressing drugs for influenza, even though we today know that fever is an important defensive function in the body’s efforts to fight influenza
  • Leading medical journals of the day actually recommended using 25 aspirin a day to suppress the fever in patients suffering from influenza. Many of the people who died from influenza were found to have bleeding in the lungs, a strange symptom of the flu and a known side effect from aspirin overdose
  • Homeopathic physicians had remarkably good success in treating people during the 1918 influenza epidemic. Numerous recent studies published in medical journals have found that the homeopathic medicine, oscillococcinum, is effective in treating influenza

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