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Greg David

May 10, 2019, 1:19:13 PM5/10/19
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Hi everyone,

Below is some information and links to a very good documentary series about the latest research on the human biome. Fascinating information about just how vital (and misunderstood) that system is to our health.

The program is put together by Functional Medicine doctors and follow their paradigm of holistic care. That means they are looking for the cause of disease, not simply treating a symptom and drugging it into submission.

The series runs for nine days. And is usually repeated on the weekend after the series ends. It is available for purchase at any time.

I highly encourage everyone to watch or listen. This is the type of information that can save your life.

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Hey Gregor,

Episode #2 is LIVE soon!

Get ready. We’re about to ‘deep dive’ into the miraculous microbiome and uncover the bacterial WAR raging deep within ourselves...the origins of disease that come from the gut.

We had some issues last night with people not getting the emails. That's why we're decided to leave Episode 1 open for the duration of the 9 day experience. It's really important to see that one as an introduction to this vast topic. So here are the links:

Enjoy them both if you need to get caught up. Again, we'll leave Episode 1 up but Episode 2 goes live at 6pm Pacific and is available for only 24 hours. Make sure you watch it!

Tonight in Episode 2 you’ll find out...

  • What leaky gut actually is and why it can make you allergic to even healthy foods…
  • The unholy trinity of autoimmune diseases… what causes them and how to protect yourself against them…
  • The #1 food that triggers a leaky gut (cut this from your diet today!)
  • If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, your doctor likely tells you to take Ibuprofen. Bad idea. Here’s what one woman did instead to cure her arthritis permanently…
  • Plus: the game-changing discoveries being made in functional medicine that point us to a bright future of fully personalized medicine…

This is such an important episode.

Later on, we’ll get into specific diseases and ailments and how the microbiome can help you heal...

But here in episode 2 we’re going deeper than ever before into the healing properties of your microbiome and the battle for your health. We've already had several questions from people today that are actually answered in tonight's episode.

Stay tuned for more,

Dr Pedram Shojai (@pedramshojai)

Host of INTERCONNECTED: The Power To Heal From Within

PS- We had an issue with the shopping cart today so many people wrote us saying they weren't able to complete their orders and take the full series home. That's been fixed now- sorry!

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