Putting Grasslands to Work - Day 1 - Session 5

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Greg David

Nov 21, 2018, 11:47:16 AM11/21/18
to Sustain Jefferson (Wisconsin), jefferson-county-comm...@googlegroups.com
This presentation by Elaine Ingham on the food-life web is really useful in understanding the soil food web. The soil food web is crucial in growing healthy food without chemical intervention and poisoning. Dr. Ingham provides in-depth insights into just how the soil food web works, what it provides for us and how we can employ it in our gardens, pastures and compost piles.

As far as sustainability goes, once we use chemical agriculture, especially roundup that disrupts the shikimate pathway in low level creatures, the soil food web dies, causing a dependence on chemical input.

The better solution is to work with nature to develop a complex soil food web, which can provide the nutrition necessary for your plants to thrive and be a store of the micronutrients necessary for life.
You can view the video here:

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