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Greg David

Nov 20, 2018, 11:47:50 AM11/20/18
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Good morning,
As we age, most of us find our body does not function quite the way it used to. Organs age and loose the capacity they once had. Our cumulative exposure to toxins increases too. Many of the chronic disease suffered as we age can be categorized as threshold disease; a disease caused by surpassing a toxic threshold that the body can tolerate, or having the threshold lowered because of weakening organ function.

Heart disease may be counted as a threshold disease. Too many insults and not enough care and love and bad things start to happen. 

Often, when it comes to disease, there are differing opinions on what causes the disease and how to treat it. Such is the case with heart disease and cholesterol. For a long time, cholesterol was thought to be the culprit in causing heart disease. Treating it with statins (and stints and bypass surgery)was thought to be the answer. Modern, unbiased (by sales and profit) research is proving otherwise. While stints and bypass surgery may save lives in acute circumstances, these types of measures don’t cure the problem, simply address a symptom. 

Statins, which lower cholesterol, were thought to be a good solution to high cholesterol, but it comes with a lot of very bad side effects; dementia, increase likelihood of epilepsy and impaired nutrient and hormone transport. Cholesterol is important to body function. The brain needs it. The body needs it. It’s part of the mechanism  of transfer for oil solvable vitamins and hormones and waste products. Without enough of it we begin to suffer the afflictions noted above.

The problem arises as the necessary cholesterol becomes damaged by oxidation caused by sugar from an unhealthy diet (and lack of exercise and toxic insults to the body) and becomes sticky and adheres to artery walls in an unnatural manner. Statins are prescribed to lower cholesterol (which is sorely needed by your body), rather than treating the underlying actual causes.

This is unsustainable from a bodily perspective. Most people don’t want to develop dementia or diabetes. The article accessed by the link below shows new studies linking statins to dementia and describes other methodologies for management of heart disease that don’t require questionable drugs or reliance on outdated health care procedures.

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