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Greg David

Mar 7, 2019, 12:58:35 PM3/7/19
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Good morning,
a really good article for a number of reasons: first, I learned quite a bit, which is always fun and exciting. An example is the information on the various types of brainwaves and when they occur, which is directly below.

Brainwaves, from fastest to slowest are:

  • Gamma — The "aha!" moment; moments of insight
  • Beta — Normal waking, alert consciousness, such as when you're focusing on your work, reasoning or worrying about something
  • Alpha — Deep relaxation, meditative consciousness
  • Theta — Dreaming (rapid eye movement or REM sleep)
  • Delta — Deep sleep
Another thing I liked about the article is it referenced something I’ve had actual experience visualization. I’ve been taught that to the body visualization is as useful as actually doing the activity itself. I’ve found this true in skiing and also in work. Visualizing the work step by step, makes it soooo much easier to work my way thru operations in the shop without a hitch and much more quickly, prolly because it is no longer necessary to think thru any of the steps, but simply execute the process more from a rote mentality.

Another thing learned is what hypnotism is. I have always thought of hypnotism as a hoax or brainwashing or something with a heavy overtone of negativity. But not! Hypnotism, according to the author, is about entering a state of consciousness or certain brain wave activity (between beta and theta) that allows the subconscious mind to interact with the conscious, thereby enabling the ability to discard bad thoughts and implant good thoughts. And is seems to be as easy as breathing deeply and focusing the mind on certain things. The article explains in much more detail. I will be purchasing the authors book to get the full ‘low-down’ on the subject.
I encourage you to read the article... it’s fascinating!

Ps Story at a glance is below.


  • Most meditation takes you into alpha brainwaves. Hypnosis takes you into theta, an even slower brainwave and a state in which you become highly suggestible
  • Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are great tools that can help you overcome barriers that may be preventing you from implementing healthy lifestyle strategies
  • Your subconscious can affect just about anything, both psychological and physical, so hypnosis can be used as a treatment adjunct for most health issues. It can even boost T cell counts, reduce bleeding and combat cancer cell proliferation
  • When considering hypnosis as a healing modality, seek out a licensed professional with advanced training from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis increases the connection between the prefrontal cortex and the insula, which they believe allows the subconscious to take control over and influence the body according to its new programming

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