Broken connections never unbreak

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Kirk Bulis

Nov 28, 2021, 8:58:34 AM11/28/21
to Jedis
As I look at how the Connection is managed, it seems the connection instance starts life with broken = false, but nowhere in the code does broken get set back to false, say on disconnect().

Why this matters: When trying to connect to a server that currently not reachable, the following code should work:

private val redis: Jedis,
if (!redis.isConnected || redis.isBroken) {
  try {
  catch (eX: Exception) {


which will always be true if the connection was ever broken because there is no code anywhere to set broken = false. I think this is a one line fix to simply set broken = false during disconnect() or right before

socket = socketFactory.createSocket();
during connect().

Should I bug it up? and then PR? Am I missing the right way to reset a connection?

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

Sazzadul Hoque

Nov 28, 2021, 9:32:41 AM11/28/21
It is expected that the connection would be re-created, not re-connected, when it is broken.

Yeah, there are places for improving docs.

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Kirk Bulis

Nov 28, 2021, 8:33:46 PM11/28/21
to Jedis
Thanks for replying. Yeah, I suppose creating a new Jedis instance is one way to solve, but I think it also works to reset the "broken" flag when creating a new socket. This seems intuitive and should work:

(server is down)
(fails, broken = true)
(sever is now up)

but it won't because of the stickiness of broken = true in the code. So, it seems good to me that the only thing that could be broken is the socket, and we're allocating a new one on connect(), so putting broken = false here:

seems safe.
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