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Payal P

Aug 25, 2021, 10:07:34 PM8/25/21
to Jedis

I am getting the wrong response for jedis command. SlaveOf is just the example here but I am getting other calls in the code and I am getting the same behavior. 

Current Jedis version: 3.4.1

I am creating jedisPool using this and there is just one single redis server I am trying to connect: 

this.jedisPool = new AuthAwareJedisPool(jedisPoolConfig, hostText, port, timeout, password, ssl); = hostText;
this.port = port;

Here is the code snippet: 
String status = jedis.slaveof(host, Integer.valueOf(port));

if (status == null || !"OK".equals(status)) {
logger.warn("Failed to make a slaveof {}:{}, status:{}", host, port, status);

error Msg: 
Failed to make a slaveof <IP>:6379, status:# Keyspace

As you can see above, I am getting the response status for the keyspace command instead of slaveof command. I don't always get the wrong response. This code runs into an application container and over time(maybe in 1-2 days), it starts spitting the wrong response for the command expected here (it is really very random). I am getting a similar behavior for configSet as well. 

String status = jedis.configSet(entry.getKey(), entry.getValue());
if (status == null || !"OK".equals(status)) {
logger.error("exception while writing config for key: {}, value: {}, status: {}", entry.getKey(),
entry.getValue(), status)

when It gets the msg for status, it is not OK but of a different redis command. 

I referred to the older thread/issue on git for the same. I can see some enhancements were made since then by deprecating some methods and I am using Jedis 3.4.1 here. 

Should I just use JedisConnectionException as a strategy here to capture the wrong response and simply call Jedis.close() so the bad connection is closed and JedisPool takes care of adding a new connection to the pool and surround each call with that? Or something else I am missing here. 
However, I am getting the response as status here hence I believe it was executed correctly without any exception so I am not even sure if it is a bad connection. 

For example: there are internal checks for internal method of jedis for connection check: 
public String configSet(String parameter, String value) {
this.client.configSet(parameter, value);
return this.client.getStatusCodeReply();

I am looking for any suggestions or help here. 

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