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Sep 1, 2021, 2:24:44 PM9/1/21
to JEB Decompiler
This release ships with RISC-V decompilers! (JEB Pro only)

- risc-v: decompiler for RV32I/RV64I binaries (initial release)
- native code pipeline: interface additions (see API doc), performance improvements
- elf: plugins service for custom section processors, symbol processors, relocation processors
- arm: parser tweaks and fixes
- dex: tweaks, bytecode parsing completion estimator
- android: arsc parsers: tweaks to support more obfuscation schemes
- dexdec: fixed corner-case problems in some IR optimizers
- ethereum: evm: support for BASEFEE opcode
- gendec: ir optimizers: some fixes
- gendec: multiple updates re: composite parameter and return type handling
- jdb2: validate records integrity (soft-fail/warning on failure)

UI Client:
- logger fragment: coloring and level selection
- other improvements related to the pe/elf fragment, calling conv./register bank fragments, etc.

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