JEB CE with low RAM

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re su

Feb 27, 2021, 12:27:18 PM2/27/21
to JEB Decompiler
Hello and thanks a lot for JEB CE! 
Is there's minimum RAM requirement to analyze with JEB CE?
Because I've issues running it on low RAM:

Specs: Windows 10, 2 GB RAM, OpenJDK 12.0.2 
By default JEB runs on 1.5G, that's probably maximum for me.
JEB analyzed 300 Kb dll pretty well with 1G and I saved the database.
The issues I get on analyzing 15+ Mb executable.
Some time later there's error "Can't invoke method" followed by "Can't create VM", and crash.
With 1G analysis seem to finish prematurely: no functions table constructed. Saving leads to 2 errors ("Java heap size", "Java critical error, recommend to exit") and creates 1Kb file, no crash however.
Also, after some time JEB window stops responding, but analysis is still running. Same was with dll. 
Additionally, I work in other applications while JEB is running. Memory usage is about 90% at peak according to Task Manager. 
There might be inaccuracy in description since I'm writing it from my memory. I'll describe it more properly, provide logs next time I get the error.


Nicolas Falliere

Mar 1, 2021, 11:32:23 PM3/1/21
to re su, JEB Decompiler

Thanks for your email. Do you know when that error happened? Was it after or during an analysis? Do you remember what parameters you had selected when opening the file? Can you also share the file or maybe its characteristics? (You should join us on Slack!)

Best regards,
Nicolas Falliere (
JEB Decompiler, Founder and Architect

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