JEB 4.0.3 is available / blog about GENDEC and IR Emulation

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Mar 9, 2021, 6:54:19 PM3/9/21
to JEB Decompiler
Hello All,

JEB 4.0.3-beta is available. Thanks to all our users for reporting issues; we're ironing a lot of things out (on top of our usual features build-up), and the JEB 4 Release should come out this Spring, as planned.

Also read our latest blog here, titled: JEB’s GENDEC IR Emulation for Auto-Decryption of Data Items. You will see how JEB's unsafe optimizers can identify and auto-decrypt some forms of inline decryption in native code (incl. a real-world example on a protected elf arm64 binary).

Remember that JEB comes in various shapes and forms (so to speak :)), including our latest JEB Community Edition.

Thanks again,


Mar 27, 2021, 1:49:33 AM3/27/21
to JEB Decompiler
I tried to update to 4.0-beta.4 from within JEB, but just "downloading..." was kept shown and no progress.
I gave up and tried to download the update via a web browser, and found the downloading session terminated, resuming several times and finally finished.
It may take a long time when downloading within JEB too.
I think it may be a good feature for JEB to show download progress information (or, alerts when the download session fails).
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