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Dawne Lingefelt

Dec 5, 2023, 5:23:49 PM12/5/23
to jDBI

Once the Spark Core is claimed and set to the wifi you're using, you're ready to code. For this project you will use the SparkCore IDE at We will be using the JSON, openweathermap, HTML, Liquidcrystal, and SparkButton libraries for this project. HTML, Liquidcrystal, and the SparkButton are already included in the IDE by going to the side bar and clicking on libraries (as shown). The others however are available on github and you will need to manually copy and paste the parts of the libraries into the IDE, the largest of which is the JSON library you will need which is here ( ) . It's a bit of a chore, but you'll need to go to each link with a ".h" and ".cpp" extension and copy and paste the contents into the spark core IDE by clicking the plus sign as shown in the image. Do this for every file, and your diligence will be rewarded.

Spark mp4 hd


After the JSON library is all copied go to this link and copy and paste the openweathermap library using the same methods as the JSON library ( -spark-lib). Fortunately, this library has only one ".h" and one ".cpp" file. When the libraries are set, you can download, copy, and paste, the file into the spark IDE and sign up on to get an access code for free and place it into your code along with the city and state you want the weather in. Take special note that the openweathermap.h and .cpp files that are copied will not have the same httpClient library name in the import/include command so you will need to change it to #include "HttpClient/HttpClient.h" to match. Verify the code by clicking the check mark in the left bar, troubleshoot any coding issues you may have, and continue to the next step, construction.

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