Fallout 4 Power Armor Hud Fix

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Delaine Sokolski

Dec 4, 2023, 9:03:44 AM12/4/23
to jDBI

Basically, you have two options. Vanilla's half transparent half not doesn't make sense. Either remove the transparency altogether (Power Armor Hud No Transparency) or make it fully transparent (Power Armor HoloHUD). I feel from a gameplay perspective, removing it altogether makes sense. However, from a realistic perspective, no transparency seems more realistic. Personally, I hate Power Armor and refuse to use it unless I really have to. It's too big and clunky for me. I feel like making it more transparent would be better for my game, but I don't know if it really matter too much to me, since I'm rarely going to use power armor period.

Fallout 4 Power Armor Hud Fix

Download Zip https://urllio.com/2wI58K

I usually grab the power armor in Concord, drop it off in Sanctuary, and very rarely use it ever again. If I do pick up power armor, it's only so I can drop it off at a settlement so the settlers can use it for defense. I personally think it's too bulky and I really don't like klonk klonk klonk when walking.

I recently came across my second power armor, but it was missing the legs and an arm. I searched all around the armor, but I did not come across the extra pieces. I still took the unit back to Sanctuary, and just set it to the side.

Where do I get the parts for my second armor? I can not find an option to make them; Is that possible, or do I have to find other units and scavenge parts off them to make a second fully loaded chassis? And if that is the case, what am I suppose to do with the old frames?

I was really slow on the uptake of damage and repair on my first suit, and I was worried that I lost all the pieces, but then noticed that they had been automatically added to my inventory. This allows me to repair them and equip them back on my armor. Is this a correct observation?

Many of the power armour frames you will find will have randomly spawned pieces on them, and many will be incomplete. According to Fallout wiki, random spawns will be based on level: T-45 power armor pieces at level 1-17, T-51 power armor pieces at 18-30, T-60 power armor pieces at 24, and X-01 power armor pieces at level 26 or more.

Others have already addressed most of the questions posed. Frames often spawn with random armor sections, and are often incomplete, the spawning is based on player level (T-45s up to level 17, T-51s at 18-30, T-60s at 24 and up, and X-01 at 26 and up.) and frames may not even have a fusion core to power them readily available nearby.

Another answerer has noted that enemies sometimes spawn in power armor, in particular Raider bosses, and when you kill them you can take the armor pieces but not the frame. This is a half-truth. If you kill them while they're wearing the frame, it is true you can't recover it, however if you can get them to eject the frame can be stolen.

Shooting out the fusion core of their armor, which is targetable in VATS and does very little HP damage to the NPC (but takes 'limb' damage easily) can destroy it. The core will enter melt down, and if the person has the time and the room, they'll jettison the core and try to move away from it, before it goes off like a nuke.

As for what to do with spare frames, I've been collecting them. At time of writing, there's 14 of them parked, lined up in neat rows, on the front lawn of my house in Sanctuary. If you leave fusion cores in the frames, NPCs will take them if a fight breaks out. Verified when (spoilers) the townspeople of Covenant turned against me, and stole the power armor I left parked out front of the gate.

Take the cores out to prevent NPCs from taking them, or leave them in advantageous places so settlers in towns you control can use them against raiders. I've heard that after a fight in a town, if you talk to the settlers you can tell them to get out of the armor but have not verified myself.

You can also arrange for humanoid companions to use power armor. Just order them to enter it, and talk to them again to tell them to get out. Best of all, while NPCs need fusion cores, followers do not.

All in all though, you yourself only ever need one frame, so it isn't necessarily advantageous to have more than two frames (one for you and one for your follower) recovered, and armor pieces are easier to store neatly, by sticking them in containers.

Where do I get the parts for my second armor? Various merchants will occasionally pieces of power armor. Rowdy at atom cats always has T-60 pieces in stock and usually has T-51 pieces and the occasional T-45 Piece as well (once found an X01 left leg there...if only I could find a left arm!)

I can not find an option to make them; Is that possible, or do I have to find other units and scavenge parts off them to make a second fully loaded chassis? If you scavenge parts from defeated opponents you have the option of repairing them and equipping them to ANY power armor frame you own at any power armor crafting site. (Yes, you can mix and match pieces from different suits on the same frame.) I can vouch for the "shoot out the power core and then seal the armor after the fight" option (lol, see below). Just be careful, I ran into a bandit leader once who had 5 fraking fusion cores! I had to shoot out the core from the suit twice to win that one!

I was really slow on the uptake of damage and repair on my first suit, and I was worried that I lost all the pieces, but then noticed that they had been automatically added to my inventory. This allows me to repair them and equip them back on my armor. Is this a correct observation?When a piece of the power armor is damaged, it turns red in the HUD. Its still functional and providing protection at this stage.

At any time you can exit your armor at a power armor crafting site (I prefer walking straight up to it, doing a 180, taking a couple of (tiny) steps forward until I can exit the armor. Then just look straight down and select the option to CRAFT not transfer!) Once in crafting mode, you can check the "health" of each piece and repair/upgrade as necessary.

Somewhat compatible with other power armor hud mods, though they may need to be repacked
For instance: Power Armor Holo Hud has better power armor UI textures, so you can grab those.
Though it needs to be repacked with the default file placements for the textures to be used:

A perceptive Fallout 4 fan has noticed that players can see invisible enemy targets using a Stealth Boy if the player or their companion is equipped with a power armor helmet paired with the targeting HUD mod. This has come as a surprise to many other Fallout 4 fans, even those who have invested hundreds of hours into the game.

Bethesda's popular, post-apocalyptic RPG series drops players into a strange future world where they have to scrounge resources and survive in a nuclear wasteland. One of the franchise's most iconic and sought-after assets is, of course, power armor, which allows players to take a more head-on approach towards the mutated monsters and dangerous environments prevalent in the world. Fallout 4's wasteland is full of materials which players can use to craft a diverse range of weapons, items, and mods that allow them to modify their playstyle however they like.

A post on Reddit from the user known as DragonHeinie includes a clip showing the player sniping off gunners from a faraway vantage point. After picking off their first target, one of the surviving enemies can be seen fleeing after turning partially invisible through the use of a Stealth Boy. However, thanks to Fallout 4's power armor that was apparently equipped on the player's companion, the attached targeting mod allowed them to see a red outline around the invisible enemy.

If you love power armor but aren't loving the odd opaque screen that comes with the head up display, this mod will remove the transparency from your vision, leaving you with a clear cut display along the bottom of your screen. Simple, but effective.

For Fallout 4 VR. Simple ini tweak to position the power armor HUD in VR in a less intrusive way, only visible when you look down, more akin to the standard compass. Simply change these settings in your Fallout4VRCustom.ini file in Documents\Games\Fallout4VR\

Power Armor Animation Change by somberX fixes this issue by making the faster entry and exit animation the default for every situation, even outside of combat. The difference is like night and day. The vanilla animation takes roughly 15 seconds to get in and out of the power armor. Meanwhile, this mod cuts that time by half, getting in and out in only 7 seconds.

P.A.M.S - Power Armor Movement Sounds by ONIXer is a wonderful little audio mod that changes the bland noise of your power armor to something much more heavy and metallic. You can definitely feel the power coursing through your ears with every step you take.

Thankfully, a mod author by the name of Mcgan also shared my frustration. His mod, Power Armor Material AND Paint (PAMAP) works simply to separate the material and paint, giving each their own slot. Now you too can don your Hot Rod-themed power armor without sacrificing your defense from explosions.

But someone certainly turned that scenario into a mod. Take Your Cores by darkconsole allows you to automatically retrieve the fusion core used after getting out of your power armor. Not only is this mod convenient, but it also prevents NPCs and settlers from wearing your power armor without permission, which is an annoying design choice in itself.

In power armor, you are effectively a walking tank. Every step you take spells death to your enemies. No one in their right mind would ever pick a fight with you...unless you drop from a two-foot ledge in power armor.

How can you possibly make a top 10 best mods for power armor list without featuring the absolutely stunning power armors created by the talented modding community? Fallout 4 features a lot of good power armors, but after the X-01, things get a bit stale. Sometimes you just want to wear something new.

The mod comes with the Tesla version of the armor to add the energy-infused feel for those maining energy weapons. The textures of the power armor are crisp and detailed and are definitely one of the best-looking power armor mods out there.

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