Idea: Reload documents, if changed after getting focus

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Jan 5, 2011, 2:29:31 PM1/5/11
to JDarkRoom
Dear all, dear Duncan Jauncey,

I'm new here!
I found the JDarkRoom 20 minutes ago in the web. And I like it! It's a
wonderfull application and it's written in java :-)

I'm just missing one feature, that very important for me...

I'm syncing my text files with Dropbox over 4 devices. And sometimes
I'm editing a text in the train with my phone (not iphone :-)) or my
netbook and sync it into the Dropbox. But when I come home then I want
that the editor reloads automatically the file, if I focus it.

The problem is that I'm not closing my application on my computer and
I don't want to close!! And if I come home and change the file on the
way I just want to have the actual content every time in the editor
when I'm focusing the application.

Is it possible to programm this feature...please

Kind regards
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