JBox2D release, finally at 2.2.1!

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Daniel Murphy

Apr 9, 2013, 7:22:43 PM4/9/13
to jbox2d-...@googlegroups.com
jbox2d version has just been released!  This is the first version of the java engine that feature matches Box2D 2.2.1.  Other than the new joints and shapes, the following Java-specific changes have happened:

- GWT support added by +Michael Bayne 
- Slightly more java-optimized broadphase (and ability to customize the broadphase strategy)
- org.jbox2d.profile package that contains tools for profiling the engine on different platforms or configurations

Future developments planned:
- Extract the non-gui code from the testbed project, for easier development of platform-specific code.
- Experimenting with other broadphase techniques that might be better suited for Java
- Further inlining of the contact solver

Also, thanks to +Deanna Surma for helping out
The release will be on maven central soon as well.

- Daniel Murphy
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