2014–2015 to 2015–2016 IJR Transition: Explanatory Package

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CISV International Jr. Representatives

Jul 29, 2015, 10:17:09 AM7/29/15
Hello, CISV World!

Earlier this month, we announced Hana Strickland's resignation from the role of International Junior Representative (IJR) and that Dow Linnell (Alternate IJR 2014–2015) will be stepping in as IJR for the rest of Hana's 2014–2016 term. Thank you for the support in this time of transition over the past weeks. 

To move the transition process from the 2014–2015 IJRs to the 2015–2016 IJRs along smoothly, we have put together a detailed Explanatory Package. Please find it attached. It includes:

A. Timeline of Events relating to the IJR 2014–2015 Term and Resignation
B. IJR Resignation and Transition at IJBC 2015: Play-by-Play
C. Handover Timeline
D. Hana & Anjo’s availability for the 2015–2016 IJRs
E. Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix 1: Infofile O-15A, Election procedures and Terms of Office: IJR
Appendix 2: Resignation Announcement (6 July 2015)

We hope this document adds to and informs the discussions currently going on.

Please let us know if you have any further open questions!

Hana Strickland & Anjo Peez-Zvetina
IJRs 2014–2015

With the support of:
Gabrielle Mandell, CISV International’s Secretary General
Bjørn Andersen Samming, CISV International Governing Board Trustee 2013–2015
Hana Strickland & Anjo Peez-Zvetina
International Junior Representatives – CISV International

2014–15 to 2015–16 IJR Transition_Explanatory Package.pdf
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