Does the compress.js work?

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Oct 11, 2010, 4:40:13 PM10/11/10
to JavaScriptMVC

I have a view file that contains exactly this (with no whitespace
outside the angle braces):

<%var activity=activity;%>

It used to contain lots more, but I tried to simplify find the minimum
that would give me an error.

That error is:

js: illegally formed XML syntax
js: <%var activity='hello';%>
js: ........................^
js: syntax error
js: <%var activity='hello';%>
js: ........................^
could not load script file:///[BlahBlah]l/views/inputField.ejs
InternalError: Compilation produced 2 syntax errors.
error loading script [object HTMLElement] InternalError:
Compilation produced 2 syntax errors.

The file (and the real one that preceded it) runs correctly. In fact,
I have a dozen views of varying complexity that all work correctly to
give me a running app but tons of errors from compress.js.

Any thoughts? Is compress.js supposed to work at present?


ps, Here's another pair of clues:

A file with nothing in it except


fails with:

could not load script file:///[BlahBlah]/inputField.ejs
ReferenceError: "hello" is not defined.
error loading script [object HTMLElement] ReferenceError:
"hello" is not defined.

If I change it to:


I get no error.

Both examples work correctly in the browser.

Brian Moschel

Oct 11, 2010, 4:45:19 PM10/11/10
What command are you using the compress?  Is this with 3.0?

Can you please post this on

- Brian

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