Ability to open *.txt file when selecting node in ICICLE

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Darren Chappell

Sep 16, 2019, 6:48:29 AM9/16/19
to JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

I'm  looking for some guidance (HELP)

I've been using and updating a JS file for a few years, with no concerns.
NOW . . . I would dearly like to be able to open a *.txt file when selecting a node...

current code :
"name":"TOOLING","id":"30427","children":[{"name":"Scrap < £50","id":"30428","children":[{"name":"0679 - RELEASE CATCH (BIPOD) MACHINING","id":"30429","children":[{"name":"1","id":"30430","children":[{"name":"5027","id":"30431","children":[{"name":"09-09-19","id":"30432","data":{"$color":"#934A09"}}],"data":{"$color":"#C67227"}}],"data":{"$color":"#E9A05F"}}],"data":{"$color":"#FFD3AC"}}],"data":{"$color":"#FF0000"}}],"data":{"$color":"#FF9900"}}],"data":{"$color":"#FFCC00"}}],"data":{"$color":"#FFFF66"}}]

[{"name":"5027"    <<< I have a respective file named in location   < P:\_PRIMARY_LOCATION_\SUB_FOLDER\SUB_SUB_FOLDER\SUB_SUB_SUB_FOLDER\5027.txt

Ideas / Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Kogan

Sep 16, 2019, 6:57:36 AM9/16/19
to javascript-information...@googlegroups.com
Hi, I think, you need to use something like nodeJS to access the server-side file system and read in a file.

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