Choosing a software development philosophy

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rakesh mailgroups

Nov 16, 2012, 11:27:35 AM11/16/12
Hi all,

after over 10 years software development experience, I still feel I don't know the best way to build a system consistently.

In some cases, we seem to go back to old ideas and other times we seem to reject them.

There are soo many schools of thought on software design, for example:

1. Uncle Bob - clean code, TDD, OO, software by components
2. Growing Object Orientated Software Guided by Tests
4. 3 tier architecture exemplified by Sun (web,service, dao)

And of course mix and match!

What do you guys do?


Steven J. Huwig

Nov 16, 2012, 11:41:49 AM11/16/12
Some of those things you listed are design methods and others are design architectures.

I think if methods really mattered that much, and if we had found an optimal one, we wouldn't see so much disagreement about them. Either methods don't matter or we don't have a good one yet -- we're all pre-Semmelweis/Lister doctors in the latter case.

Architecture certainly matters though. If you expect to swap out components often, then designing in components is important. If you expect to scale a particular layer of an application, then separating it into its own tier is important.

Personally I think that more data-driven or rules-driven architectures would be suited to many business systems, but there's a lot of vendor clutter and noise in that area.

-- Steve Huwig
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Martin Stone

Apr 13, 2015, 8:19:36 PM4/13/15

Ok...I have a  friend who was going through my software and he got to a point and he was like; ...yea...he thinks a good software should have little or less clicks for the user to achieve an operation. it was really nice and he said Google has their philosophy for software development and am here to know those rules for compiling a good software...i truly want my software to be the best in our market here.
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