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Danielle Gershman

Dec 16, 2020, 3:10:46 PM12/16/20

I'm using lab.js for my thesis and I have a very large task in comparison to most tasks that are made with that program, but thankfully JATOS can handle the task. All that to say, I was testing my task from the server (getting data as a JATOS worker) before I tried getting any real pilot data, just to see how things work. However, I went through my task fine, and now I have my results in a .txt file. Admittedly, I'm not experienced when it comes to programming/tech/computers/etc. and although I've done my best to Google how to turn my data from the .txt file into an Excel or SPSS file, it doesn't work out too well. The best I can do is get all of the information from the file into cell 1A in Excel. I'm sure I'm missing something or doing something wrong, but could somebody steer me in the right direction? Do I have to edit anything in the .txt file before converting it, or is it something with how I'm using a lab.js task? Any advice or help you can give me would be greatly appreciated, and I'm more than happy to clarify anything if need be. 

Thank you!

Elisa Filevich

Dec 16, 2020, 3:13:32 PM12/16/20
Hi Danielle, 

I don't know the format of the information in your .txt file. It might be json format, in which case the best is to use a package to read it into R or matlab (I don't think you can read it into excel). 
In any case this is a question for the developer of lab.js, because that's what determines how the data are stored. 
I think OSWeb has some kind of json-> csv converter, you could look into that too. 

Hope this helps

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