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María da Fonseca

Nov 8, 2020, 1:21:56 PM11/8/20
Hi Elisa and Kristian,

It was very helpful to read the survey example. In the exp I am coding, want to add a field where the participant writes an ID provided by us. By adding a field like the one you expose in demographics:
                            name: "ID",
                            type: "text",
                            title: "Please enter your ID:",
                            isRequired: true
I would like to restrict the ID within a list of possible IDs to prevent the user writing an ID that is not in the list. I would like to do that without showing the possible IDs to the user, because of that I can't use the type dropdown. Is it possible to limit the possible texts to be filled as ID?



Elisa Filevich

Nov 8, 2020, 4:15:55 PM11/8/20
Hi María, 

The quick answer is we don't know, you would have to check the docs of the survey library you're using. 
I'm sure that there is a way (you could code things by hand and not let people advance until they input a valid ID) but whether that's already implemented in the library is another question. 

If you're using the survey example, that means that the JavaScript is provided by surveyJS ( That's the 'frontend' so quite separate from JATOS, which provides the backend. 


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