the role of allocators

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Frank Weiler

Nov 24, 2008, 10:00:03 AM11/24/08
Hello to all,

If I logon to Jarifa as an allocator, I can add projects, for which the suppliers hosts should do work for me.
But - I can freely edit (and worse - delete) all projects, not only my own.
Is this the way it should work ? Or made I something wrong ?

At our organisation we do not have a problem with this, because we are the only supplier and allocator in one, and there is only one person (actually me), that have control over the Jarifa server. But if you imagine, that there are several departments, that act as allocators, there will be some kind of competition about the resources. Should we prevent access to projects of different allocators ?

And - perhaps I didn't understood the concept right - what are pools good for ? At the moment two pools can have different preferences, but how are hosts distibuted to the pools ? Who (and where) did I as a supplier decide, to which pool a host belongs ? I am a bit confused with this...

Greetings, Frank
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