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Ross Singer

May 10, 2009, 11:45:09 AM5/10/09
Hi everybody,

I've been working on refactoring the PHP libs into something a little
more standard and supportable. As I said before, PHP is not my
primary development language, so additional input (preferably through
use) would be greatly appreciated.

So, given that a bunch of language dependent libs will make a mess for somebody trying to find tools to
use it, I'm in the process of breaking things out into their own
projects. Ruby will go to Rubyforge/GitHub, Python into the
Cheeseshop/BitBucket, refactor Groovy into Java and... well, I'm not
sure what to do with that, etc. I would like
just to host the specification, any stylesheets or schemas associated
with it and a CouchDB based "generic Jangle-in-a-box".

To align with this. the PHP libs have moved to:

They follow the PEAR coding conventions and, since they're in Google
Code, will eventually be available as a PEAR channel. Every class has
a full set of unit tests.

So far I've only refactored most of the Connector classes. I am still
working on "explain" and then an interface class (so you can just do
something like $connector = new Jangle_Connector(); $feed =
$connector->createResourcesFeed();, etc.), but everything I've written
so far is in SVN:

I get a little confused about the PEAR convention when it comes to
naming. It seems like this falls under the "Services" PEAR category
(the idea was some sort of Services_Jangle package), but it gets
really unwieldy in implementation (Services_Jangle_Connector_Services,
for example) so I dropped the 'Services_' from the beginning, mainly
because it was becoming a pain to keep those 9 characters and stay
within the PEAR 85 character line limit after indentation and whatnot.
If there's a real objection to this I can put it back, it just seems
too verbose to me.

After these are done, I'm planning on taking a stab at the Python libs.


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