Re: difficulties setting up the version with a working EventDispatcher for jooflash

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May 10, 2013, 3:43:28 AM5/10/13
to Jangaroo Users
Hi Steven,

your problem is caused by changes in the build process between
Jangaroo 1 and 2, but fortunately is easy to resolve.
You can either use the latest versions of Jangaroo 1, namely 1.0.1
(tool) and 1.0.2 (libs), which are still maintained and actually
contain (almost) all current fixes.
In Jangaroo 2, we introduced a new packaging format for Maven,
simplifying deployment into a Servlet-3-enabled Java Application
Container like Jetty 8 or Tomcat 7.
Since "jangaroo" dependencies are no longer found, the compiler
complains about the first missing JooFlash class it tries to resolve.
The necessary changes to your POM are to remove all <type>jangaroo</
type> dependency qualifiers.

Sorry for the insufficient documentation of this change, I expected
people to stick to Jangaroo 1, but it seems everybody likes to use the
latest version...
You can find some background information on Jangaroo 1 versus 2 on the
tools release notes page:


Steven Stark

May 10, 2013, 12:53:32 PM5/10/13

thank you for that clear explanation! :) I should of looked at those release notes to begin with, so it's on me. I even read a post you made about this but it obviously didn't stick with me.


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