Test failing on initial maven build from a fresh download

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Douglas Pearson

Jul 22, 2015, 4:36:25 AM7/22/15
to Jangaroo Users

We're starting to take a look at Jangaroo - it seems potentially very interesting as we have a bunch of AS code and are looking at HTML5 options for one target.

However, just pulled down the jangaroo-tools code from GitHub and trying to build it first time with "mvn package" it built a fair amount of stuff and then died with:

Running net.jangaroo.exml.test.ExmlComponentClassGeneratorTest
Tests run: 4, Failures: 1, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 0.34 sec <<< FAILURE!

Looking briefly at the output from the test it looks like it's expecting to generate one set of code but gets something slightly different (not super obvious what).

Anyway - 2 questions:
1) I assume there's some way to skip this particular test or component and get the rest to build?  Can anyone help with that...alas I don't speak Maven yet.

2) Is Jangaroo still in active development?  What does it's current status look like?




Jul 22, 2015, 4:57:36 AM7/22/15
to Jangaroo Users, do...@flowplay.com
Hi Doug,

thanks for trying out Jangaroo!
First, we do have a CI that builds Jangaroo with all tests and it currently is completely green (to be more precise Jenkins-blue).

However, the idea of Maven is that there is no need for you to build jangaroo-tools locally at all.
Using the right configuration in your pom.xml, Maven automatically downloads all needed Maven
libraries and plugins from Maven's central repository (or any other repository you specify, but
Jangaroo, as an Open Source project, is deployed to Maven Central).
Just have a look at the Jangaroo Tutorial, especially the part about compiling:
I'm afraid the version numbers are quite outdated, but you can watch the release notes page to always use the latest version:
As you can see there, we still release regularly, and try to answer questions here in the forum promptly.

If you have considerable amounts of code to compile, you should organize them in multiple Maven modules.
You can find a detailed description of Jangaroo's Maven build process here:
This documentation explains how the "Jangaroo Quickstart" project works, which is available on Github:

If you are still interested in building jangaroo-tools locally:
Maven is supposed to lead to reproducible builds, but there are some external dependencies.
To reproduce what went wrong with your local build, I'd need to know 
* the Jangaroo branch you checked out (probably "master"),
* the Java (JDK) version used to build, and
* the Maven version.

You can get both Maven and Java version in one go by executing
mvn -v

Please post the output of this command, and, while at it, should there still be an error, please attach the error output!



Jul 24, 2015, 7:19:59 PM7/24/15
to Jangaroo Users, frank.w...@coremedia.com
Many thanks Frank for your reply.  It's great to know this is still in active development.
As for my error - it sounds like I was just "doing it wrong" by trying to build the tools.

I was just having a tricky time finding a fully working sample (the link in the tutorial to the Hello World project goes to a 404 - I think it's just linked to an old version).

But after I posted that message, I went on to the command line part of the tutorial and got that working fine with Hello World.  I'll post at the bottom of this a few changes I had to make where the Wiki is a little out of date - in case you'd like to update it.  Sounds like I just need to loop back now and get it working with Maven, but just pulling down the tools, not building them myself.




This was the sequence of steps to get the command line sample to run successfully.
I think the main changes were that the Main.as file was missing on the 2nd compilation line and the webapp seems to have the resources in a slightly different location than was expected, so I just copied them.
You may see better ways to do this than mine.


cd c:\jangaroo\jangaroo-quickstart-master\my-joo
mkdir c:\jangaroo\jangaroo-quickstart-master\my-joo\my-joo-app\src\main\webapp\joo\classes

call jooc -v -g SOURCE -classpath %JOOLIBS%\jangaroo-runtime.jar -sourcepath my-joo-lib\src\main\joo -d my-joo-app\src\main\webapp\joo\classes my-joo-lib\src\main\joo\com\acme\HelloWorld.as

call jooc -v -g SOURCE -classpath %JOOLIBS%\jangaroo-runtime.jar;%JOOLIBS%\jangaroo-browser.jar;my-joo-lib\src\main\joo -sourcepath my-joo-app\src\main\joo -d my-joo-app\src\main\webapp\joo\classes my-joo-lib\src\main\joo\com\acme\HelloWorld.as my-joo-app\src\main\joo\com\acme\main\Main.as 

cd my-joo-app\src\main\webapp
"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jar" -xf %JOOLIBS%\jangaroo-runtime.jar
"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jar" -xf %JOOLIBS%\jangaroo-browser.jar

xcopy /S /Y META-INF\resources\joo joo

type joo\jangaroo-runtime.module.js joo\jangaroo-browser.module.js > joo\jangaroo-application.js

cd c:\jangaroo

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