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Steven Stark

May 15, 2013, 5:21:12 PM5/15/13
to jangaro...@googlegroups.com

just curious if anyone has played around with integrating Jangaroo with EaselJS? 

Would I be correct in assuming that something like this would need to replace parts of jooflash in order to integrate properly?

Any suggestions on how to approach this while not losing the awesome jooflash stuff? Or maybe should I just ditch jooflash and start over with a re-do made for EaselJS?

just brainstorming at the moment.


May 17, 2013, 3:09:26 AM5/17/13
to jangaro...@googlegroups.com
Hi Steven,

I would not recommend ditching JooFlash, since the actual rendering is only a small part of it. If you would like to use Loaders and stuff like in Flash, there is a major part of the API for which EaselJS is definitely not a replacement.
What about re-implementing the graphical / interactive / rendering part of JooFlash by delegating to EaselJS?
My 5 cents,

Steven Stark

May 17, 2013, 11:54:56 AM5/17/13
to jangaro...@googlegroups.com
Yea that's what I was planning on doing, integrating in the same fashion I just did with greensock, but only needing mostly the as side.

I have a test running that just ignores any as3 integration and just runs the js code directly.

I was mainly on the fence about integrating jooflash, but you make a lot of sense. I assumed I would need it in the end, but the goal is always to be lean.

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