Jooflash 1.0.2 Test Findings with ChessFlash

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Glenn Wilson

Mar 19, 2013, 12:50:36 PM3/19/13
Just wanted to communicate my findings while they are fresh and I have them straight.
I have not yet tried multiple stages from a single instance of the code.

Quick Summary: 
   CPU use is a concern.  
   Operation on Android iffy.
   Works well on Windows.
   Works for one instance on iPad / iPod.

Test Environments:
  Windows 7 64 bit Desktop Firefox 19.0.2, Chrome 25.0.1364.172 m

  Android 4.0.4 LG Optimus G with default browser and Chrome browser.
  Android 4.1.1 Asus Transformer Prime Tablet with default browser and Opera Mobile.
  Android 2.3.5 HTC Evo 4g   Default browser and FireFox.
  iPad Wi-Fi 16GB - 3rd generation
  iPod Touch 4th Generation

Development Versions:
ChessFlash 2.29 work in Progress
jangaroo_version: 1.0.1
jangaroo_libs_version: 1.0.2

A. Using same code as 2.28 (no cacheAsBitMap set) tested on desktop only
Seems functional, including puzzle mode.
1. UI draws wrong on both FF and Chrome. 
   Board labels (a-h,1-8) are below board.  
   Start button text is below that.
   VCR buttons not rendered with right alpha.
2. CPU use on desktop browsers about 25% (versus about 0% for 2.28).
   Only if tab with ChessFlash is displayed; otherwise about 0%.
B. cacheAsBitmap 
   Tried Caching the TextFields (Board labels) in boardview.  
   Not allowed. TextField._doRender errors - "must not be called."
   In PgnViewer stage.cacheAsBitmap does not work with Flash (no stage rendered)
1. Published test build 229a with PgnViewer cacheAsBitmap. Two instances of ChessFlash.
   Stress Test 3a
   1.0.1 / 1.0.2 PgnViewer cacheAsBitmap.

2. Published test build 229b with Stage cacheAsBitmap. Two instances of ChessFlash.
   Stress Test 2a
   1.0.1 / 1.0.2 Stage cacheAsBitmap.
   On Android Optimus w/ Chrome Browser #1 does not "flash" on making moves but #2 does.
   Does still frequently make 2 moves per click.  This does not happen with Default android browser. 
   HTC Evo default browser can not load either. Hung at "loading...".
   HTC Evo FF #1 and #2 crashed.
   Android Asus both browsers very sluggish.  Double move event with both browsers.
   iPad and iPod only loads first instance for both but otherwise works fine.
   Windows desktop both browsers work fine with both.
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