My setup breaks when not in debug mode

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Steven Stark

May 24, 2013, 3:25:08 PM5/24/13

Frank maybe you have some insight on this issue? It's not a blocker, but it would be nice to test without debug mode.

So in debug mode, with classes being lazy loaded, things work. 

I have an interface for the createjs MovieClip class, similar to what I did with greensock, but only mapping native functions. Without using this, I instead get an error about setParent.

In my HTML, I am over-riding some of the jooflash classes, like so:

    joo.getOrCreatePackage("flash.display").MovieClip = createjs.MovieClip;

If debug is on, my app works just fine. I'm happy with performance and everything. ( Minification and a reduced number of file requests would be nice, but I'll look at that later. )

The error without the as3 lib to set MovieClip as [Native]

The error with the as3 lib to set MovieClip as [Native]:

Steven Stark

Jun 14, 2013, 2:29:12 PM6/14/13
Oh I should of replied to this earlier, but I know the problem now.

I am overloading MovieClip with the class from EaselJS, and in doing so it only works when jangaroo is lazy loading class'.

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