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Fabio Lenzarini

Apr 18, 2024, 11:48:19 AMApr 18
to Users Mailing List
Hi all, is possible to set the column width of a column into a view?

Is a "Long text notes".

If the field is empty, ok, if I've an image inside, I get this

2024-04-18 17_46_01-Clipboard.png


Danijel Kaurin

Apr 18, 2024, 2:30:57 PMApr 18
to Fabio Lenzarini, Users Mailing List
Hi Fabio.

Here is docs page. Try with: item.table_options.column_width = {'track': '25%', 'album': '25%', 'artists': '10%'}

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Fabio Lenzarini

Apr 19, 2024, 3:54:25 AMApr 19
to Users Mailing List
Hi  Danijel,
for me, don't work..

function on_view_form_created(item) {
    item.filters.done.value = 0;

    let table_height = item.table_options.height; 
    var fields = {'id' : 'notes' : 'user'};
    var column_width = {'Notes' : '25%'};
    var options = {
                    fields: fields,
height: table_height,
word_wrap: false,
column_width: column_width

// item.table_options = options;
item.table_options.column_width = {'notes' : '25%', 'user' : "50%"};


Fabio Lenzarini

Apr 19, 2024, 7:58:07 AMApr 19
to Users Mailing List
Found solution.
If you use a long text as a HTML editor container, remove all image before display on the view table:

function on_field_get_html(field) {
var item = field.owner;

if (field.field_name === 'notes') {
    let text = item.notes.value
    var content = $('<p>').html(text).find('img').remove().end().html();
        let element = document.createElement('div');

        element.innerHTML = content;
    return element.innerText;



Danijel Kaurin

Apr 19, 2024, 1:29:31 PMApr 19
to Fabio Lenzarini, Users Mailing List
Hi Fabio,

I think that right way for usage of this is to add columns names and with parameters in [] as object:

var column_width = {{'Notes' : '25%'}];

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