Jallib 1.7.0 Released

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Matthew Schinkel

Jan 30, 2022, 8:53:44 PMJan 30
to jallist
Hi everyone, Jallib 1.7.0 has been released. Great job!

You may download the release from http://www.justanotherlanguage.org/downloads or with these links:


Changes since 1.6.0

device files:
 - Added 18f06q41.jal, 18f16q41.jal
 - Added 16f15225.jal, 16f15245.jal
 - Added 18f04q40.jal, 18f05q40.jal, 18f14q40.jal, 18f15q40.jal
 - Added 18f04q41.jal, 18f05q41.jal, 18f14q41.jal, 18f15q41.jal
 - Added 18f26q83.jal, 18f46q83.jal, 18f56q83.jal
 - Added 18f26q84.jal, 18f46q84.jal, 18f56q84.jal
 - Added 18f27q84.jal, 18f47q83.jal, 18f57q83.jal
 - Added 18f27q84.jal, 18f47q84.jal, 18f57q84.jal
 - Fixed missing input pins RC4 and RC5 for 18(l)f PICs with USB

 - Added library for Bluetooth Module HC-06: bluetooth_hc06.jal
 - Added library for Bluetooth Module HC-05: bluetooth_hc05.jal
 - Added library for Real Time Clock DS3231: rtc_ds3231.jal
 - Added library for NEO-6M GPS Receiver: gps_neo_6m.jal


 - Added new compiler, version jalv25r5, fixing compiler issues #19, #20, #23 and #24.
 - Added JAL compiler for MacOS (jalv25r6)



 - Update of pps.jal to support newer PICs
 - Cleanup of the USB driver files due to the previous compiler fix #2 and the update of the memory pointer
   libraries to support PICs without the POSTINC function. USB driver is restored to its original state.
 - Update of the USB driver to use interrupts (selectable instead of polling). Also some small modifications
   to prevent a driver hangup as described in issue #237. Issue #237 is fixed.
 - Update of adc.jal due to PICs with different ADC. The library has been simplified which means that some
   configuration needs to be done by the main program. All ADC sample files have been updated.
 - Added new library for USART 3: usart3_common.jal, serial_hardware3.jal, serial_hw3_int_cts.jal
 - Added a draw image feature to glcd_nokia_5110.jal
 - Added a draw image feature to glcd_ssd1306.jal


 - Updated sample files for devices that have multi vectored interrupt and JTAG Support (both are disabled)
 - Added 18f06q41_blink_intosc.jal, 18f16q41_blink_intosc.jal
 - Added 18f27q84_blink_intosc.jal, 18f47q84_blink_intosc.jal, 18f57q84_blink_intosc.jal
 - Added sample file 16f1455_usb_hid_keyboard.jal
 - Update of various USB sample files to show how to the USB driver on interrupt basis
 - Added sample 18f57k50_usb_serial.jal and fixed 18f2550_usb_serial.jal
 - Added sample files for Bluetooth HC-06 library: 16f877a_bluetooht_hc06_slave.jal,
   16f1823_bluetooth_hc06_slave.jal, 16f15325_bluetooth_hc06_slave.jal
 - Added 16f15225_blink_intosc.jal, 16f15245_blink_intosc.jal
 - Added sample file for Bluetooth HC-05 library: 16f15325_bluetooth_hc05_master.jal
 - Added extra sample files for ADC: 16f18857_adc.jal and 18f25k22_adc.jal
 - Added 18f04q41_blink_hs.jal, 18f04q41_blink_intosc.jal, 18f05q41_blink_hs.jal, 18f05q41_blink_intosc.jal
   18f14q41_blink_hs.jal, 18f14q41_blink_intosc.jal, 18f15q41_blink_hs.jal, 18f15q41_blink_intosc.jal
 - Added sample files for usart3: 18f16q40_serial_hardware3.jal, 18f16q40_serial_hw3_int_cts.jal,
   18f47q43_serial_hardware3.jal, 18f47q43_serial_hw3_int_cts.jal
 - Added sample file 16f1825_glcd_nokia_5110_image.jal and 18f4550_glcd_nokia_5110_image.jal
   to draw an image on a Nokia 5110 display
 - Updated sample file 16f18857_glcd_ssd1306_font_graphics.jal to include the draw image feature.
 - Added sample file 16f1825_rtc_ds3231.jal for the DS3231 Real Time Clock library.
 - Added missing blink_intosc sample files for almost all PICs
 - Added 18f26q83_blink_intosc.jal, 18f26q83_blink_hs.jal, 18f46q83_blink_intosc.jal, 18f46q83_blink_hs.jal,
   18f56q83_blink_intosc.jal, 18f56q83_blink_hs.jal
 - Added 18f26q84_blink_intosc.jal, 18f26q84_blink_hs.jal, 18f46q84_blink_intosc.jal, 18f46q84_blink_hs.jal,
   18f56q84_blink_intosc.jal, 18f56q84_blink_hs.jal
 - Added 18f27q83_blink_intosc.jal, 18f27q83_blink_hs.jal, 18f47q83_blink_intosc.jal, 18f47q83_blink_hs.jal,
   18f57q83_blink_intosc.jal, 18f57q83_blink_hs.jal
 - Added 18f04q40_blink_hs.jal, 18f04q40_blink_intosc.jal, 18f05q40_blink_hs.jal, 18f05q40_blink_intosc.jal
   18f14q40_blink_hs.jal, 18f14q40_blink_intosc.jal, 18f15q40_blink_hs.jal, 18f15q40_blink_intosc.jal
 - Added sample file for NEO-6M GPS Library: 16f1825_gps_neo_6m.jal
 - Update of Python device file generation scripts for MPLABX_v5.50
 - Update of Python blink sample file script to generate blink_intosc files for almost all PICs
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