Jallib 1.6.0 Released

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Matthew Schinkel

Feb 8, 2021, 10:34:33 PM2/8/21
to jallist
Hi Everyone,

Jallib 1.6.0 is available to download from the justanotherlanguage.org downloads page.
Changes since 1.5.0

device files:
 - Added device files for 18f27q43, 18f47q43, 18f57q43
 - Added device filse for 18f26q43, 18f46q43, 18f56q43
 - Fixed issue #235. Multiple device files changed 
 - Added device files for 18f25q43, 18f45q43, 18f55q43
 - All device files where updated due to new compiler version fixing issue #14 requiring new compiler pragma
 - Added device files for 16f15213, 16f15214, 16f15223, 16f15224, 16f15243, 16f15244
 - Added device files for 18f06q40, 18f16q40

 - Added library for the nRF24L01+ transceiver
 - Added library for the digital potentiometers X9C102, X9C103, X9C104, X9C503 
 - Added library for TM1637
 - Added library for SSD1306 graphics display module
 - Added library for the nRF905 transceiver
 - Added library for Si5351a clock generator
 - Added library for DFPlayer Mini


 - Added new compiler, version jalv25r4, fixing compiler issue #10, #14 and #15.

 - Added print_float procedure to the print.jal libary, fixing jallib issue #197.
 - Update of large_array_1.jal .. large_array_4.jal generated via generate_large_array.py script


 - Update of memory_pointer0.jal, memory_pointer1.jal and memory_pointer2.jal to support PICs without POSTINC function.
 - Added library pic_data_hef.jal for programming High Endurance Flash.
 - Update of libraries serial_software.jal, serial_hardware.jal, serial_hardware2.jal, serial_hw_int_cts.jal, serial_hw2_int_cts.jal
   to support PICs with newer USARTs.

 - Added 16f1823_nrf24l01.jal, 16f1825_nrf24l01.jal - Sample files for the nRF24L01+ library
 - Changed the default of all blink samples to LVP ENABLED instead of DISABLED
 - Added samples 18f27q43_blink_hs.jal, 18f47q43_blink_hs.jal, 18f57q43_blink_hs.jal
 - Added sample file 16f1825_large_array.jal
 - Added sample files for digital potentiometer: 16f877_digital_potentiometer_x9c10x.jal, 16f1823_digital_potentiometer_x9c10x.jal
   and 18f4550_digital_potentiometer_x9c10x.jal 
 - Added samples 18f26q43_blink_hs.jal, 18f46q43_blink_hs.jal, 18f56q43_blink_hs.jal
 - Added samples for programming High Endurance Flash: 16f1455_data_hef.jal, 16f1503_data_hef.jal, 16f1507_data_hef.jal, 
   16f1508_data_hef.jal and 16f1765_data_hef.jal 
 - Added 16f1823_tm1637.jal - Sample file for TM1637 library
 - Added 16f1825_glcd_ssd1306_font.jal and 16f18857_glcd_ssd1306_font_graphics.jal - Sample for SSD1306 graphics display module
 - Added 16f1823_nrf905.jal, 16f1825_nrf905.jal - Sample files for the nRF905 library
 - Added samples 18f25q43_blink_hs.jal, 18f45q43_blink_hs.jal, 18f55q43_blink_hs.jal
 - Added 16f1825_si5351a.jal, 16f18857_si5351a.jal - Sample files for Si5351a library.
 - Added 12f617_dfplayer.jal, 16f1823_dfplayer.jal, 16f19176_dfplayer.jal - Sample files for dfplayer library.
 - Added samples 16f15213_blink_intosc.jal, 16f15214_blink_intosc.jal, 16f15223_blink_intosc.jal, 16f15224_blink_intosc.jal, 
                 16f15243_blink_intosc.jal, 16f15244_blink_intosc.jal
 - Added samples 18f06q40_blink_hs.jal, 18f16q40_blink_hs.jal
 - Added samples 18f47q43_serial_hardware.jal, 18f47q43_serial_hardware2.jal, 18f47q43_serial_hw_int_cts.jal,
                 18f47q43_serial_hw2_int_cts.jal, 18f47q43_serial_software.jal with newer USART.

 - Update of Python device file generation scripts for MPLABX_v5.35 including fixes of some device files
 - Update of blink-a-led.py script to set the default of LVP to ENABLED instead of DISABLED
 - Update of Python device file generation scripts for MPLABX_v5.40 including fixes of some device files
 - Fixed issue #235 in pic2jal.py.
 - Update of Python device file generation scripts for MPLABX_v5.45 
 - Added fix for compiler issue #14 in pic2jal.py
 - Added generate_large_array.py


Feb 9, 2021, 4:17:46 AM2/9/21
to jallist
Hi Matt ,and the Jall team,

It seems so common. Just click and the latest update will arrive. Simply at no cost. Just without ads, Just for free. Just as a hobby ……. common? 

… NO that is just NOT so common  nowadays. 

Thanks again for all your work.



Op dinsdag 9 februari 2021 om 04:34:33 UTC+1 schreef mattsc...@hotmail.com:


Feb 9, 2021, 9:34:42 AM2/9/21
to jallist
Jaledit exe is missing in the (full)packages

Op dinsdag 9 februari 2021 om 10:17:46 UTC+1 schreef vanveldh...@gmail.com:

Matthew Schinkel

Feb 9, 2021, 10:14:05 AM2/9/21
to jallist
Sorry, it is too much of a manual process at the moment. I rebuilt jallib_full-1.6.0.zip

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