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אלי גורביץ

Feb 25, 2020, 3:43:47 AM2/25/20
to jaer-users
I'm trying to use the filter RosBagVOFlow. It seems as if I need to to calibrate the IMU beforehand. I didn't find any good tutorial on how to calibrate the iMU inside of jAER, so I followed the undetailed instructions 
10:41:45 WARNING: ch.unizh.ini.jaer.projects.rbodo.opticalflow.AbstractMotionFlowIMU.doPrintStatistics: IMU has not been calibrated yet! Load a file with no camera motion and hit the StartIMUCalibration button
I tried recording a rosbag of 2 minutes and a aedat file of 1 minute and press the start calibration button, but nothing seems to happen afterwards. 
Anyone got any idea what am I doing wrong ?

Tobi Delbruck (INI)

Feb 25, 2020, 4:44:32 PM2/25/20
Probably you just need to enable the filter?  The calibration is simply
to measure the DC values of the rate gyro and subtract them from
subsequent readings. It is not like the sophisticated calibration of the
values in OpenCV.

Try using Steadicam to see if the camera rotation is compensated after
calibration. While calibrating, there should be an overlay that shows
the calibration sample countdown.

אלי גורביץ

Feb 26, 2020, 1:04:39 AM2/26/20
to jaer-users
Steadicam works great, but the RosBagVOFlow shows NAN values, and when I try to print the  statistics it showsand error message: IMU not calibrated... The filter was running, just showed nan values.

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