Problems with DavisTextOutputWriter

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Jacob Rodriguez

Jan 19, 2021, 6:40:34 PMJan 19
to jaer-users
I am having trouble with the DavisTextOutputWriter filter. The first image below, shows the file I am looking at in jAER, the second image shows the settings I have for the filter. I click the "Start Recording and Save As" button, enter a file name to save to my Documents, then click the "Close Files," however the third image below shows what is contained in the text file output.

Is there something I am doing wrong to get IMU data? Any advice or further instruction on how to get an output with IMU data is much appreciated.



Tobi Delbruck (INI)

Jan 20, 2021, 1:23:52 AMJan 20
Thanks a lot for the report Jacob, let me see what could be wrong. I'm
not sure I tested the IMU output very carefully.  If you run it under
debugger in netbeans you could probably see what is wrong.

Just to confirm, are you running from current master?

Tobi Delbruck (UZH-ETH)

Jan 20, 2021, 2:34:05 AMJan 20
There was a bug in updating the GUI "eventsProcessed" text field, but
the IMU samples write for me. I pushed a fix now so that the
"eventsProcessed" field is updated every 500ms rather than every 10k
events, since there are much fewer IMU samples than DVS events. A sample
of my output is below.

Did you confirm with "I" (shift I) that your recording has IMU samples?

Here is sample output from one of my recordings:


# jAER DAVIS/DVS camera text file output
# created Wed Jan 20 08:21:10 CET 2021
# source-file: E:\Resilio Sync\Tobi laptop
4p5mm f1p4 DVS only 250dps winkelriedstrasse flow.aedat
# imu-samples: One measurement per line: timestamp(us) ax(g) ay(g) az(g)
gx(d/s) gy(d/s) gz(d/s)
1292546522 0.017639 -0.018127 0.209167 4.007634 -4.000000 -1.488550
1292547523 0.017334 -0.018311 0.208557 4.152672 -3.954199 -1.335878
1292548524 0.017334 -0.018311 0.208191 4.328244 -3.824428 -1.259542
1292549526 0.018188 -0.017700 0.205811 4.480916 -3.687023 -1.282443
1292550527 0.019043 -0.018188 0.205078 4.595420 -3.587786 -1.358779
1292551528 0.018616 -0.018982 0.205505 4.679389 -3.503817 -1.450382


Tobi Delbruck (INI)

Jan 21, 2021, 2:14:00 AMJan 21
Hi Jacob, I 'm pasting back to forum for others to benefit as well.

You can update jAER by just doing a git pull and then running again from
within netbeans. If you run from a release, you can update  and compile
from within the jAER Help menu.

DVS, APS and IMU are separately enabled from the Hardware Configuration
panel. Same for playback, you can enable viewing DVS, APS, and IMU from
the Davis menu.

Check out the tutorial videos, they will help you get going faster.

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