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Welcome to the EclEmma and JaCoCo user's group!

To resolve issues quickly please check our extensive documentation first: These links contain answers to most questions that have been asked before.

If you're posting new issues to this list please help us to understand your problem or idea:
  • Clearly state what you want to do and what the expected outcome is.
  • Provide detailed information about your exact setup and product versions in use.
  • In case you encounter an error include the full error message, stack trace or log file.

What will not work on this mailing list:

  • We cannot provide support for other tools JaCoCo has been integrated with. Please check with the respective tool providers.
  • We will not do your homework or assignment.
  • All support is provided by volunteers in their spare time for free. Adding URGENT, ASAP etc. to your requests is no motivation for them.