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Christiaan Roselaar

Apr 25, 2023, 5:16:39 PM4/25/23
to jacktrip-users
Hi to you all.
I'm not sure if I've gotten to the right place for this, so please don't be mad a me if not..
The story is: I'm using jacktrip for over two years now quite extensively while (being a retired IT-specialist) supporting a musical ensemble in their efforts of rehearsing and sometimes also performing live on-line.
The ensemble consists of some ten musicians/instruments among which are various string instruments. Obviously, playing in-sync with plucked instruments is quite a thing.
For this reason we always set-up our jacktrip-network in mesh-mode.
As most of you know, this requires port-forwarding to be set-up properly at the end-points. This in itself is not a problem as long as the musicians participate from their homes, where once the internet-router has been properly set-up things are fine. More and more however we run in situations where one/some of the musicians are NOT at home, but at a different location where configuring the firewall is not possible due to either time-constraints or otherwise.
How awesome would it be if Jacktrip, like Sonobus, would incorporate UDP hole-punching functionality. Now my question: where can I put forward this very trivial (but maybe very naive?) question for this additional port-forwarding functionality?
Any feedback appreciated!
Christiaan PA3FUN

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