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John Morrow

May 26, 2021, 3:36:38 PMMay 26
to jacktri...@googlegroups.com
Hello all,

One of our singers, Brian, was having this issue at our rehearsal last night (see below). Essentially, he can't hear or be heard unless his input and output sliders are set to 100.  Is this a known bug in the web application? Is there a work-around?  Any advice appreciated.

From Brian:
"Hi, John.  This is what happened to me last night, for the first time.  I was ultimately able to hear everyone and participate by moving the volumes to the max (100).

I couldn't hear anyone at the outset and scrolled down the Jack Trip screen and found several audio bars, including Input and Output volume.  What I saw was that both I & O were muted.  I unmuted and dragged the volume button to mid-range.  When I did this, it automatically re-muted.  I tried variants of this several times, trying both Input and Output with the same result.  Moving the volume to where I could comfortably hear and speak, got an automatic re-mute.

I appreciate any help or advice you might provide to me, Brian"


Synthia Cynthia Payne

May 26, 2021, 3:42:44 PMMay 26
to jacktri...@googlegroups.com
The Virtual Studio device has expected low level output, and without a
headphone amp, it is expected to need maximum output levels. What I have
is a $25 Behringer headphone amp that really does the trick!

Take the outputs of the VS and plug into the input of the headphone amp.
Then plug in headphones to one of the ports on the headphone amp.

Hope this advice and the attached screenshot help!

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