'Destroying' entities on a conveyor due to a breakdown

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Timothy Addison

Mar 26, 2024, 12:55:15 PMMar 26
to JaamSim Users Discussion Group

As title, I would like to find a way such that all material on a conveyor is destroyed/lost due to a breakdown event

For context, the real world process I am trying to model is a reel-to-reel coater and dryer for battery anode/cathode rolls. If the foil breaks at any point in the the coater or dryer the line must be stopped and around 40m of material cut out of the roll before it is stitched back together (web break). I am utilising entities to represent each metre of the foil.

Any ideas on the best way to model this?



Timothy Addison

Mar 27, 2024, 5:49:34 AMMar 27
to JaamSim Users Discussion Group
I think I figured out a nice way to get this to work. By modelling the system as a server with 0s processing time going into the conveyor, a downtime event on the server can prevent new entities entering the system and a divider can redirect entities leaving the conveyor to a sink in response to the downtime. As long as the downtime event is longer that the time material is in the conveyor this should work. 
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