JaamSim 2024-04 released

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Harry King

Apr 29, 2024, 8:10:38 PMApr 29
to JaamSim Users Discussion Group
Changes in release 2024-04:

  • Snap-grid for pan action. When view is panned with the mouse (left-drag), the view moves in increments of the 'Snap Grid Spacing' input in the same way as an individual object that is dragged.
  • Cursor Position. This display now shows the x, y, z coordinates on the surface of the first object under the mouse pointer. Formerly, it showed the position on the x-y plane under the mouse pointer.
  • Simplified jar file launching under Java 17. The JaamSim jar file can be launched under Java 17 and above using the standard command line, i.e. java -jar JaamSim2024-04.jar. Formerly, it was necessary to a much longer command line, i.e. java ‑‑add‑exports java.desktop/sun.awt=ALL‑UNNAMED ‑jar JaamSim2024‑03.jar.
  • SubModel file with external references. A SubModel that includes external references can now be saved. A warning message will be shown instead of an error if the SubModel includes any external references.
  • Bug fix for EntityLogger. All generated entities are now initialized correctly so that they do not trigger spurious state-change records for an EntityLogger when its TraceEntityStates option is used.
  • Bug fix for EntitySink. The 'obj' output for an EntitySink now returns the entity that it received most recently. Formerly, it always returned null.
  • Bug fix for zoom action. Prevents an unexpectedly large zoom action from the mouse wheel when a View window is first created.
  • Bug fix for pan action. A view can now be panned correctly using the mouse when the view has been zoomed-in to an extremely small scale. Formerly, panning stopped working under this condition.
  • Bug fix for EntitySystem. The state of an EntitySystem is now updated correctly when one of the objects in its WatchList changes state from 'Idle' to 'Maintenance'.
  • Bug fix for example models. The models found under Help > Examples have the PrintReport input set to FALSE.

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