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Aug 27, 2021, 3:50:47 PM8/27/21
to jBASE
I am working on a 5.8 system and some of the user during the day will have their port will change to the next available for and the account will be their username even though it does not exist and it messes everything up.

They are using accuterm and the menus and programs are jbc programs.

I have tried everything I can think of to duplicate this, but cannot and it does not seem to always be the same thing.

Anyone have any suggestions on this?

I was thinking if adding some logging before each program, but the way it is written, that is a lot of programming.  Is there a config setting that does logging like this?

They don't have a lot of users, so I am not worried about dragging the system down if something like that is available.


Aug 27, 2021, 4:01:14 PM8/27/21
to jb...@googlegroups.com


I am not sure why you are posting here on this.


If you require support for jBASE 5.8, please submit a ticket to sup...@zumasys.com with complete details.


Thank you.


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Troy Dittberner

Aug 27, 2021, 10:34:11 PM8/27/21
to jb...@googlegroups.com

Ok, I thought this was a general jbase forum.  What kinds of things are normally posted here?  Programming questions?  Jquery questions?  I have questions quite often.  Sometimes the documentation is too simple or does not cover a certain options.  As an example, I was trying to use the –r option with jshow  - https://docs.zumasys.com/jbase/tools/jshow/ to do a regex search to find a program, but there is not an example and I could not get it to work and could not find any examples online on it either.  Would that be something I should post here?

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Anne Sigman

Aug 29, 2021, 4:32:39 PM8/29/21
to jBASE
Hi Troy,

I have the same problem on jBase 5.6 and it causes problems from time to time when all of the users have been taken and there are no longer any more available. I had contacted jBase about this, and we never came to a resolution. And honestly at this point I'm not sure what they had suggested to diagnose it. If you figure it out I'd love to know.


Dan Ell

Aug 30, 2021, 9:17:50 AM8/30/21
to jb...@googlegroups.com, Dan Ell

“port” is really a legacy multi-value entity that relates to workspace needed for certain COMMONS and variables. 


The “port” can only change if a new thread is started. The only way a new thread would start is if a Linux process needed to run a jBASE process and therefore a new thread and new “port” would be assigned.    Usually with a k-shell prefix in a BASIC EXECUTE CHAR(255):’k’... 


The first jBASE process starts a thread and assigns a multi-value “port”.  Processes started subsequent to that are sub-threads and do not need a separate thread or in the old multi-value days you would think “workspace”. 


In most traditional multi-value setups of jBASE the first jBASE program and only thread is the LOGTO or jsh.  Everything you execute from it is a sub-thread and thus, no new port.   But, if you run a Linux command (no thread needed) and then from that linux command, run a jBASE command, that new jBASE command would need a thread (workspace) and “port”.  So for example if you ran a Linux script that did Linux type commands and then passed those to a jBASE program, that program would be separate from the original jBASE LOGTO/jsh and would need a new thread.


Simple Example:


in a BASIC program

EXECUTE CHAR(255):’k’:’/usr/bin/makepdf’


If in the /usr/bin/makepdf it ran a jBASE command, that command would have a different “port”, but when it returned, it would be back to the original “port”.


Hope this helps you to understand “ports” and how they relate.



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Troy Dittberner

Aug 30, 2021, 9:37:12 AM8/30/21
to jb...@googlegroups.com

Dan, thanks for the response.  Mike suggested I send this to support and I did.  He replied that the problem is that the chain command keeps adding perform levels on the newer versions of Jbase and they are hitting 32 perform levels and then causes an issue.  I need to analyze their menu’s and see how to mitigate this. 



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